Apologies for the slightly sporadic posts of late, it’s all because of the very exciting news that we are creating a bigger and better blog – as part of a website that will have lots of nerdy cool features and lots and lots more BOOKS!

The Friday (an occasional extra) Interviews will remain, but expand beyond authors  into the extended world of writing and reading….

There will also be a FEATURED AUTHOR each month with extra information, interviews, reviews and a full catalogue of their books available. If you would like to be considered as a FA please do get in touch as we are filling up our calendar x 

There will also be more seasonal, genre and other fun collections of books featured, as well as other things I haven’t quite got my head around yet.

IF YOU have any ideas of things you would like to be featured, or available do let me know as we are working like elves in the evenings to make it happen. ALSO SEND TEA!

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