The Will to Succeed by Christine Raafat

The Will to Succeed by Christine Raafat

Firstly, I totally judge books by their cover, because that is the first thing one usually sees – and this is a beautiful one, so that helps.

Secondly, as an Historian I get very anxious when writers take real people and write them into fiction – very anxious indeed. So there was that to balance out the lovely cover…

Finally, I read the book like a good book reviewer leaving my preferences and reservations to one side… and… this is a really great story! Raafat has used so much of Lady Anne’s own writings that you can really hear her voice and the story is told with great care and affection.

And who doesn’t love Lady Anne? If you know anything of her extraordinary passion you will adore this book, and if you’ve never heard of her then please read it quickly – she is a wonderful and interesting woman for any time, but especially light of the challenges she faced in her own complex life.

If you have an interest in history then this is a fascinating period and Lady Anne sits soundly in the middle, and if you like a bit of family drama then you’ll get heaps of that too – like a reality show from the 1600’s.

Without wanting to give too much away, I also found the ‘ending’ very satisfying and that’s hard to come by recently I’ve discovered. As a debut novel Raafat has set her own bar pretty high, but I look forward to what she may write next.

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