The Stalker

The Stalker

Book Review

The Stalker by K.N. Edwards

 I’m not a big fan of thrillers as I’m easily scared and currently only get to read in the wee hours when feeding the baby – which isn’t the best time to read a scary story… However, I like to try new things and move out of my comfort zone, and I’m glad I managed to read The Stalker. The book is well crafted and the characters build slowly and are very easy to imagine. A student journalist desperate to make it in her chosen profession meets an older man in the pub who offers his contacts and experience as a published journalist – how can she refuse? Despite his creepy appearance and unhealthy interest in her private life, she continues to be swayed by his proffered skills. You can shout at a book all you like, but the characters rarely do what you ask!

 This is the first book from Edwards, and naturally there is some polishing that could be done but the story is well paced and believable. The ending is a little sudden and unnerving – be prepared! This is a short story, and the next instalment is under construction.

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