The Innocents by C. A Asbrey

The Innocents by C. A Asbrey

I’ve been waiting to review these books until I reached the end of the series, but each time I wait for the next one to be published as they are just so darn good!

I really found the characters engaging from the first page, and having such an independent female lead was a huge bonus too. The research has been well done and the feel of the places, clothes and people is natural and easy to imagine. There is a great blend of mystery and romance in each book which makes them stand alone, however (as always) I would recommend starting with Book One as it helps to build the tension and history between the two main romantic leads. It isn’t at all predictable however and that was wonderfully refreshing too.

When I say ‘romance’ don’t imagine lots of heaving bosoms and Austen moments, it’s is funny and wild and you are on the edge of your seat the whole time.

As you make your way through the books there is a strong building of intrigue about each of the main characters’ backgrounds and small snippets are gathered slowly while you romp through the crimes and solutions at break neck speed. It is this careful world creation that I found so fascinating and drew me to want to know more and understand better where they are each from.

I was delighted to hear that the next installment will be out in February, and even more excited that C.A Asbrey will be our Writer of the Week for the launch day – so you can find out more about them then… If you’re a quick reader you could be up to date ready for the next book on 27th February!

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