The Art of Kindness

The Art of Kindness

A surprising and wonderful thing happened recently, while I was on Instagram!

I was tagged by a reader friend into a book giveaway. I imagined the usual thread of an author giving their new work away in the desperate hope for reviews, or someone like myself working on getting more likes and follows in an attempt to gain any kind of presence in the big wide world of social media.

But this was none of those things, this was a nice person doing a nice thing – just because. They offered to send out a second hand book of the commentors choosing, I asked for a surprise.

A week later a copy of Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall arrived via the post from Goldstone Books. It had free postage so at £2.29 for this wonderful gift it was less than a posh coffee, spreading joy and a passion for reading into the world.

This person doesn’t have a website or a blog, this wasn’t done to promote themselves or the books, it was just an simple act of kindness and I wanted to say Thank You on a wider platform.

It’s a book I’ve never read, a person I might never have connected with and a great idea that I might steal! I will attempt a book review once I’ve read it, it looks quite short…

If you are on Instagram I would encourage you to follow and of course I’m always keen to connect with people too

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