Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Marsh

What do you write and why?

Have you ever been asked this question, or asked it of yourself?

For me, the most obvious answer, the one on the surface, has always been a simple one. I write the stories that come into my head. This answer is certainly true, but if I think about it a little further, I believe there’s more to it than that.

Do you remember the first time you had a deep emotional reaction to a story? There are two that stand out for me; one was a book I read (although there is a movie version) and the other was a movie.

The first one was when I had to read Summer of my German Soldier in the eighth grade. When I read a scene that depicted the way the young girl in the story was treated by her father, I was strongly affected. I had to know what was going to become of this character and I wanted her to end up in a good place.

The second one was when I saw the movie Beaches with my mother in the movie theater. At the end, I had tears on my cheeks. When the lights came back on, my mother was deeply affected by the fact that I had been deeply affected.

I was already writing before either of those stories had their effect on me but as new stories developed in my mind, they began to lean more and more in the direction of being emotional stories. I realize now that part of my journey as a writer is the desire to bring out the emotions of my readers. I want them to experience what I love in a story; being emotionally drawn in. There is nothing I love more than to have a reader tell me that one of my stories caused them to have that kind of reaction.

If I’m asked what kind of books I write, I would say that what they all have in common is Hope, healing, and redemption.  Of course, the journey toward those things can be rocky.

Here is a little information about my two novels. I hope you’ll give one or both of them a try!

Blurb for When the Storm Ends:

Beth thought her violent childhood was something she left in the past—until she met Erin. Now the abuse of her step-father has returned in terrifying nightmares.

Beth became a child psychologist so she could help children who are broken and hurting, but Erin, the fifteen-year-old who killed her father, is different. If Beth can’t reach her and find out why she did it, Erin will spend the rest of her childhood behind bars. To most people, it looks simple—Erin is either crazy or evil, but when Beth looks into Erin’s haunted eyes, she’s sure that something terrible was done to this girl. Erin, however, isn’t talking.

Beth believes Erin might open up to someone with whom she feels a kinship. Of course, Beth knows she shouldn’t share her own past with a patient, but the clock is ticking toward Erin’s trial, and Beth is out of options.

Little does Beth know that taking this terrifying leap will not only reveal the truth about Erin, but will rip Beth’s past wide open as well—and a connection between them that will shake Beth to the core.

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Blurb for The Rift Between Us:

After a family dinner turns into a bitter fight, sisters Maria, Lauren, and Avery decide to go their separate ways. Their father warns them that someday they will need one another. When he dies suddenly, they learn that he intends to make sure that they do. He’s left them a substantial inheritance, far more than any of them ever imagined.

There’s just one catch. If they want the money, they will have to spend two weeks together at a secluded lake house and follow all of their father’s instructions—no matter how strange.

Their task seems simple enough, but each one is holding onto painful secrets and old grudges the others know nothing about. But if they can learn to trust each other again, they might be able to mend the rift between them and give their father his dying wish.

ED NOTE: A review for this cracking book is long overdue

and will be up very soon.

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Rebecca L. Marsh is an author of women’s fiction and member of the Paulding county writer’s guild. She grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina, and now lives in Dallas, Georgia with her husband and daughter.

When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family (cats and dog included), she occasionally likes to make home-made candy and work on her scrapbooks (she is woefully behind).

She is the author of two novels, When the Storm Ends and The Rift Between Us. Her third novel (yet to be titled) is on the way.


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