Pregnancy Files Weeks 12-16

Pregnancy Files Weeks 12-16

Oh now things are getting exciting! Fingers crossed you have crossed into the Second Trimester, and can start to feel more confident that this is really happening. You should have had a dating scan, which will give you an official ‘due date’, however babies rarely arrive on that exact date (unless they’re showing off) so think of it more as a ‘window of opportunity’. In most UK hospitals you will be able to buy a picture from the scan, which is the start of collecting various bits and bobs that can make a lovely memory book or picture frame. You might want to find a shoe box to keep these bits in?

The first symptoms of tiredness and nausea should be calming down now, and you might start to feel pretty great – embrace this Second Trimester as for many women it’s the best bit physically. If you are still experiencing unpleasant symptoms have a chat with your midwife or GP, there may be some help available. Continue to take the Folic Acid, or a general pregnancy vitamin and try to eat healthily so baby has all they need to grow and develop, although you may not be showing much on the outside there is the most incredible change going on inside!

Lots of websites etc can give you an idea of the size of your baby (usually in terms of fruit?!?) which can help  to visualise what’s going on. There are also lots of images available of what is actually going on in there, some people love this and some find it a bit unnerving, be careful not to freak yourself out with too much internet searching – trust your body and your instincts.



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