Pregnancy Files – Week 8 -12

Pregnancy Files – Week 8 -12

So, things are starting to get real now… you are about to finish your first trimester. You are likely to be feeling ridiculously tired and fall asleep at inappropriate times, if you have given up drinking, smoking or going out after 6pm some friends may be getting suspicious. When to tell people your news is a very personal decision, but lots of people choose to wait until after the first scan.

You may be experiencing some odd physical sensations, including being super sensitive to smells and the dreaded nausea. It’s called morning sickness, but don’t let that fool you as it can come on at any time – on occasion it can become a real problem and if you can’t keep anything down for over 24 hours you need to see the GP.

In our average way of things here, nothing very exciting to report at this stage…

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