Pregnancy Files – Week 16-20

Pregnancy Files – Week 16-20

Heavens to betsy things are moving quickly now. You should have had your dating scan, and now looking forward to the detailed scan – this one is to have a really good look at the all the limbs, organs and other bits and bobs that can now be seen by the professionals, don’t be too concerned if you find it much harder to make sense of the images, as long as they seem happy with baby’s progress you should be too. If all is well this will be your last scan, so enjoy the moment and bore everyone to tears with the grainy pictures afterwards.

Hopefully this is the phase of pregnancy that is most ‘fun’. In theory there are no major symptoms, you aren’t big enough yet to be experiencing anything too difficult and should be over the nausea… You may even consider having lots of sex while you still have the energy, embracing the increased blood flow to that neck of the woods. Equally of course, you may buck this ‘average’ trend and feel like eating chocolate and wonder why anyone ever gets out of their pajamas – there are no rules with pregnancy, even if you’ve done it before no two are quite the same. Go with the flow and be prepared to have a range of emotions throughout the day. This is also the time that lots of women start to feel baby moving, it’s not always obvious at first what’s going on, and often just seems like wind… However, it’s a truly special thing that the two (or more) of you have for a while before anyone else can feel it too.

If possible the buzz word from now on is to eats lots of lovely nutritious foods, that baby is growing at an amazing rate and you need to feed them and yourself with lots of veggies, fruits and ice cream (:)) Remember there is a list of foods you should avoid while pregnant[polldaddy poll=9196998], and the jury is out over how much alcohol is safe, so go with none for now. There are also lots of over the counter medicines that aren’t a good idea, so always check with the pharmacist before you take anything to be on the safe side.

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