I’m delighted to introduce our new feature in conjunction with the UK Business Circle – a Business Book Review each month and to start us off is the wonderful, calming Lisa Cole from Less-Stuff.

There will also be an interview with Lisa on Friday as part of our continuing quest to get to know authors better. Enjoy!

From Piles to Files: Easy Ways to Declutter Your Paperwork in 5 Days

by Lisa Cole

Well I don’t know a small business owner that doesn’t groan about paperwork at some time…so a claim to help you manage all of the paper in your home or office ‘without tears’ is quite bold! I always believe I have a system, until I need to find something, or the kids decide to play schools on my desk, or helpful people put the post in new and unexpected places.

The first step in From Piles to Files is just to collect ALL the paper you have in to one place—this sounds so simple but actually took me almost a whole day as I found little scraps and sticky notes EVERYWHERE. I worked through the steps, there is a daily goal but it’s very flexible and you could go faster or slower depending on your ‘piles’. The book is very concise and to the point, with clear explanations of what to do as well as helpful ideas of barriers you may face and how to manage them.  From Piles to Files is a very well written and useful addition to any home or small office, it’s something I imagine I will use again;  perhaps annually to keep the ‘piles’ under control, especially at accounts time… I enjoyed the down to earth style of writing and the friendly hints and tips along the way.

Lisa Cole has a new book out to support those for whom more general clutter has become too much to handle called The Elephants in the Room.

Both books are available from her website

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