Multi-Passionate Heaven

Multi-Passionate Heaven

This is a bit late in the writing as I got back from the most wonderful conference and fell into a nasty tummy bug that has lasted all weekend… somewhat taking the edge off my excitement and verve.

However, I’m now in a fit state to wax lyrical about the first Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference. It was brilliant! I’ve always had a compulsion to be busy, moving onto the next thing, filling all my time with projects… and now I have a name for it. I have often been told that I take on too much, or spread myself too thin but this conference allowed me to finally claim these traits as being a positive thing. I am multi-passionate, I like to fill my life with LOTS of different things, and that is actually how I feel complete and balanced. Needing lots of projects has nothing to do with being unfulfilled with my current life, quite the opposite, I am truly fulfilled and enjoy all the different aspects of my ‘projects’.

It was wonderfully inspiring to meet such a lovely, friendly group of women and to hear such a mix of speakers with such interesting takes on life and business. The day was set in the beautiful grounds of Colwick Hall Hotel which offered great hospitality, fabulous food and a calm setting. All of the speakers offered food for thought, and I feel more focused on where I may take work and home life ideas. As I work through all the ideas I imagine there will be lots more posts… stay tuned!

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