Meet the creator of Dolly!

Meet the creator of Dolly!

An interview with… Vivian Conroy

Five questions to get to know you better

Perhaps most important – tea or coffee,or maybe hot chocolate?

Tea most definitely: I love all kinds, black, green, even white tea!
I have countless flavours on the shelf and my current favourite
depends a lot on the time of year and my mood. I love green tea with
raspberry/mint and rooibus honey or vanilla. I don’t drink coffee –
yet – my friends are trying to persuade me!

Of all your characters you have created, who is your favourite?

Lady Alkmene, the heroine of my 1920s’ Lady Alkmene mysteries. I
submitted the first chapter of book 1, A Proposal To Die For, to a
special call from HarperCollins and within 3 weeks I had a 3-book
deal for the series. So you could say I owe my writing career to
this wonderful lady! Lady Alkmene is feisty, determined and has a
tendency to stumble into murder and other mystery (diamond theft,
missing heirs), while reporter Jake Dubois, a fierce hater of titles
and wealth, tries to keep her out of his hair and his cases!

Do you have a particular place where you write, can you show us a

I can write in most places as the flow of writing distracts me
completely and I become oblivious to anything around me. I love
typing to be in the flow of the story and try to keep up with my
characters. But plotting is best done in long hand! As a stationery
fan, I always have an excuse to buy new notebooks, coloured pens and
post-its for to-do lists. (ED – we were refused a photo as the desk is such a mess!!)

Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

Everywhere! While watching the first stretch of the Tour de France
2016, which started on Mont St. Michel, a tidal island off the coast
of France, I was like: what a great setting for a mystery series.
Then taking my inspiration from Mont St Michel’s counterpart off the
coast of Cornwall, which has a castle on top!, my Cornish Castle
series was born. My mysteries in general are heavily inspired by all the
classic mystery tropes: mistaken identity, locked room, inheritance
intrigue etc. Once I discovered Agatha Christie at 13, I devoured
all of her books and I hope to bring my readers the same excitement of
piecing together the puzzle that I have myself when diving into a great

What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read

The first book in my Cornish Castle mysteries has just released and
readers can find it at all retailers for a special introductory
price. Book 2, Rubies in the Roses, will release late August and is
already up for pre order. When word gets out that a rare bejewelled
wedding goblet is hidden in the gardens of Cornisea Castle,  claimants
are at each other’s throats …
And in October Lady Alkmene embarks on a
new adventure, facing dangerous opponents at a masked ball. Fatal
Masquerade is also already up for pre order so you can ensure you
read it first! If you’re on Twitter please drop by @VivWrites and
share your favourite mysteries, tea flavours, dog breeds and
chocolate desserts with me! You can also find all of my books on
Goodreads, Fantastic Fiction and Book Bub.

If you want to check out the wonderful Death Plays A Part, there is a blog tour throughout July



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