Loveliness Abounds

Loveliness Abounds

We are all a bit below average today, the grip of flu has now reached us all and added to a busy week everyone is pretty tired. I thank goodness for the invention of TV at a such times. It’s made me think about the cost of things, and their value. If I worked out how much our tv cost per day it would be down to pence as we’ve had it for quite a while – what a bargain. Then there are some things in our cupboards that never get used – what a waste. 

…Which led me to think about my favourite thing we have bought (I’m stuck under a sleeping baby and don’t want to watch Paw Patrol), currently I think it’s the toaster tongs from Lakeland. It’s such a simple gadget, but I’ve not burnt my fingers since Christmas, and I smile every time I use them – which again per use is a complete bargain. There are some things we need to get that I can’t face spending money on, like tea towels which seem so expensive and feel frivolous to get ‘nice’ ones, maybe if I do the daily cost it will feel better…

Of course to even have all these choices seems so luxurious after watching Sport Relief, we are so very lucky to have to worry about which is the healthiest cereal or most efficient kettle. Average HQ have been trying to buy local lately, our new sofa has been ordered and built from a shop in our home town – it’s being made by Gary, who went to the same school our son is going to. It’s been great to make connections and build relationships with new people in the area. The new ‘thing’ for the family room is also being made locally by a friendly joiner and will be exactly what we want. It feels good to engage with real people and support independent businesses, I would heartily recommend it. 

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