Love Books!

Love Books!

Some people get a bit snooty about Valentines Day, but we like to celebrate love in our family, so embrace it as a great opportunity to talk about different kinds of love and it’s importance.

Here are a few of the many books for children that tackle love in one way or another, there were lots more on the shelves, but these are firm favourites and are our February reads…


Beauty and the Beast is such a classic tale of love that’s more than skin deep, and a good way for kids to think about what makes people beautiful. It’s more of a girls book to be honest, a great one for boys is the Thing from Fantastic Four all the same issues about outward appearance. There are lots of versions of this tale, we got the Usborne one in a box set. They also do one for kids to read.

I Love You, Little Monster by Giles Andreae is a truly beautiful story of a parent explaining all their loving thoughts and feelings (some of which aren’t always obvious to children), I actually can’t read this out loud without crying, so it’s one that only Mr A does for bedtime. It’s a good choice if you’ve had a ‘shouty’ sort of day…

Love Monster by Rachel Bright has great illustrations and allows us to think about how we fit in, and how we help others to feel comfortable in our groups etc. I love that there is a happy ending, and that there is someone for everyone x

I think we have all the Hugless Douglas books by David Melling, they are so beautiful to look at and have such affectionate humour in them. All of them are about love really, but We Love You, is very specifically about friendship and sharing. It’s another gentle tale, with more great snapshot pictures at the back.

We sometimes struggle to find books that appeal to all the smalls (age 2-7) at bedtime, but The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh & Judi Abbot is perfect. It has very simple, rhyming text and soft, simple illustrations. We all do some kissing at the end which can become a bit out of hand, but the sentiment is not lost – I hope!

Discussing the power of parenting can be quite hard, but The Royal Baby by Tony Bradman & Tony Ross manages to share the joy and expectation of parenting with a funny and happy story. It was especially useful in our house, as we’ve just welcomed a new baby, and lots of these questions had been asked. We love our kids regardless of their features or perceived faults and that’s a powerful message they need to hear.

Enjoy sharing love and kindness – if you want to know what else we do for family Valentines Day, you’ll need to check out The Frugal Family.


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