Lisa Hofmann

Lisa Hofmann

I’m so thrilled to introduce our first Writer of the Week – Lisa Hofmann. I first read her wonderfully creative and original book a couple of years ago, and I’m delighted to be reading the rest of the series now too. As you will know I’m not very good at understanding the nuances of prescribing genres, so I will leave that to Amazon, who have Lisa’s books categorised as Dark Fantasy. All I can tell you is they are wonderful x

Lisa grew up in Germany and lived in Ireland for several years, where she learned to love storytelling with a sprinkle of magic. She worked at her local university and as an interpreter for several years. Today, she teaches at a primary school near her home town, where she lives with her husband, three children, and a houseful of pets.

Lisa’s first three books make up an exciting trilogy and her debut, Stealing the Light, won a top rating in the 2017 Writer’s Digest Awards for independently published books. Her stories, set in parallel worlds similar to medieval Europe, are described as character-driven and intense.

You can see my review of Stealing the Light,the first book in the series :

Lisa has also written a short story – Amber Flame – a magical new tale about the power of love (and monsters…)

You can read this series and Amber Flame on Kindle Unlimited, or get a paperback, you can also follow Lisa von Facebook at or her website or if you like to tweet you can find her at

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