Lindsey Porter

Lindsey Porter

Sucked into a whirlpool… Discovering pre-Inca tribal remains… Breaking an ankle 5000 metres up the side of a volcano…

These are just a few of the unexpected circumstances Lindsey Porter found herself in as she travelled to some of the world’s most incredible locations. For the first time these tales have been brought together in a collection that shares the unforeseen and often humorous outcomes, whilst revealing an insight into places that are a little off the tourist trail. They also track her amazing life-journey from being a Senior Project Manager working in Financial Services to travelling to India to train as a Yoga Teacher. Now a tutor for Yoga Scotland, she has written for the Huffington Post, YOGA, OM Yoga magazines and co-founded – yoga podcasts listened to in over 70 countries. She is also a Signatory of the Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity and Sport championing her yoga teacher community to help break down the barriers for people with mental health challenges to participate in activities such as yoga.

‘Lindsey has captured perfectly how her travels and adventures have shaped her to become the amazing person she now is. Growing through her travels and gaining a greater and deeper understanding of herself and the world around her.’ Dr Pam Lynch author of ‘How the hell did I get here?’
Come and join Lindsey on her journeys and find out why the best travel tales are often unexpected. About the author
Lindsey Porter is an Akhanda Hatha and Curvy qualified yoga teacher based in Scotland who is passionate about sharing the benefits yoga can bring to all minds and bodies regardless of age. She teaches Yoga and Wellbeing classes, workshops and co-hosts weekend Wellbeing Retreats across Scotland and is a Yoga Tutor for Yoga Scotland. Lindsey also co-produces an international podcast – Voices of Yoga – listened to in over 70 countries. She writes wellbeing based articles for publications that include the Huffington Post, OM Yoga magazine and YOGA magazine. A Board Director for her local Third Sector Interface organisation, she supports various charities including the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH). She is a signatory and a champion of the Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity & Sport and recently led a Scottish Parliamentary Reception to Members of the Scottish Parliament on Yoga: Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Whirlpools, Yoga and the Balance of Life is her debut book.

And now from Lindsey herself…

WHEN I STARTED writing this book over 10 years ago, I had no idea of the places it would go and take me to – it’s a continuing wonderful journey of discovery and connections. In my book I document tales of adventure and soul searching during my 20s and 30s and finding my way on to the yogic path into my 40s and a very different life. Moving from a fast paced career banker into finding better community connections and sharing the importance of mental and physical wellbeing for all through yoga teaching. It’s been described by the book critics as:

With elements of travelogue and memoir, Porter delivers a lively account of her enviable international travels, replete with perilous adventures, insights, and excitement. Stories of world travel and venturing into unknown territories are hardly unusual, but Porter’s voice is pronounced and engaging, while the author’s passion for the study and teaching of yoga provides a somewhat uncommon thread. Porter’s story is peppered with intriguing encounters, warm reflections, and quiet moments of wisdom‘ – BookLife Prize.

And lastly, I also co-founded and run an international yoga podcast series called Voices of Yoga. I just wondered whether you happen to also do yoga and would be interested in being a guest on our podcast show talking about your group and writing? It’s listened to in over 80 countries worldwide and its free to participate in and to listen too – you can check it out first at:



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