It’s Friday – time for some historical intrigue…

It’s Friday – time for some historical intrigue…

Author Interview
Hello! Amanda Carmack

5 Questions to know you better…

Perhaps most important – tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?

Now, that is a hard one! Tea, always (My husband complains about the fact that my approximately 300 varities of tea take up half the pantry, but I NEED them all!) A lovely cup of hot chocolate is perfect on a snowy day, though. Not much for coffee, though, unless it has lots of cream.

Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite?

I definitely have a soft spot for Kate Haywood, the musician sleuth of my Elizabethan Mysteries series! She is talented at creating music (which I never was, sadly), gets to hang around with Queen Elizabeth I, and I’ve been able to see her grow more confident with each book. In my romance novels, I really enjoyed Clio Chase from “To Deceive a Duke,” the second of my Muses of Mayfair series. She’s a scholar and archaeologist (something else I always wanted to be!), with a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor and a fearless heart. She was fun!

Do you have a particular place where you write – can you show us a picture?

LOL—and let the world see just how messy I really am?? I usually write my rough drafts in longhand (it just doesn’t work any other way for me), either sitting on my bed or at a table at Starbucks. When I type them up, I sit at the kitchen table, because my desk is always piled with research books, Hello Kitty doodads, and a Lady Mary figurine from “Downton Abbey,” so there is no room for my laptop.

Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

All over the place! From paintings or historical objects in museums (I’m a museum fanatic), TV shows, stuff I overhear at Starbucks (people have the most amazing conversations there, and sometimes they get a bit—strange). I seem to have the best ideas in the middle of the night, but if I forget to turn the light on and jot it down (thinking surely I will rememeber in the morning!) they vanish.

What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read it?

I am just started the first of a new trilogy for Harlequin Historicals, one I am VERY excited about! The series title is “The Grantley Girls Go To Paris,” and it centers around 3 school friends who all venture to Paris in 1889 for the Exposition. The first heroine, Diana, is a fashion journalist, and the hero, William, is a diplomat, so expect lots of Worth gowns, romantic boat rides on the Seine, and of course the brand-new Eiffel Tower! It will be out summer of 2018. My next release, though, “The Wallflower’s Mistletoe Wedding” (a Regency holiday house party story) will be out in November 2017.


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