Interview with Helene Fermont

Interview with Helene Fermont

Good Morning Helene Fermont!

5 Questions to get to know you better…

Perhaps most important – tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?

Definitely hot chocolate! I simply Love chocolate, in particular Swedish candy and cakes. My favourite café in Malmö where I live and write part of the year is Cafe Hollandia.

Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite?

Gosh, that’s a difficult question to answer! I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for the characters in my debut novel. But I really like and feel for all my characters in all novels. They’re such a big part of my life and I spend much time with them.

Everyone represents a variety of traits that are representative of real people.
Even the ‘bad ones’ are likeable to me to an extent since there are underlying reasons for their actions and behaviour. However, I really admire strong independent female characters which I believe mine are to a large extent.

Do you have a particular place where you write – can you show us a picture?

In London my favourite place to write is in my office where I see clients.
I love having my gorgeous British Shorthair cat, Teddy, next to me in his wooden box.

Equally, in Malmö where I write in our living room with a great view of The Western Harbour. There are photos of both on my website/social media and blogs.

Here is a picture of my home in Sweden. The white desk is where I spend hours on end writing my novels when I'm in Malmö. The view is my inspiration. It overlooks the Western Harbour and Turning Torso and is only a three-minute bike ride away from the main Ribersborg beach. I can see the Öresund Bridge and water from the balcony and, on a clear morning, part of Denmark across the water. The neighbourhood is tranquil, the only sound coming from birds in the sky And there are some lovely shops, cafés and restaurants in the vicinity. I generally write in long bursts punctuated hours with breaks when I either walk or cycle down to Limhamn's Harbour. Malmö is so different from London – which is far more intense and stressful – but I'm not complaining. I love both cities and get the best of both of them. Where is your favourite place to write?

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Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

I’m hugely inspired by everything around me and draw on experiences as psychologist and life in general. My novels are completely fictitious and reflect real life situations. I always carry a notebook when I’m out and even on my bedside table in the event I suddenly come up with new ideas.

What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read it?

Currently, I’m working on two novels simultaneously. One is set in New York and Malmö and the other in Oslo in Norway. They are quite different and contain my usual in depth characters. Both are incredibly exciting and will be published next year.

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