Hey Caimh McDonnell!

Hey Caimh McDonnell!

Author Interview


 5 Questions to Know You Better…


Perhaps most important – tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?

 I’m afraid I’m somewhat of a freak and I drink none of those things! I’ve never drank a cup of coffee in my life, The only cup of tea I’ve had in the last decade was when three horses totalled my car and, while I love things that are both hot and chocolate individually, I keep trying hot chocolate and then remembering that I don’t enjoy it either. So – I’ll have a Diet Pepsi if you’re offering.

 Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite?

Detective Bunny McGarry – he was supposed to be a relatively minor character in my first book, but essentially walked in and took over. He’s clearly a big favourite with my readers too. There’s a strong element of wish fulfilment to him – he is the man who does the things I would secretly love to do if I didn’t have to live with the consequences.

Do you have a particular place where you write –  can you show us a picture?

 Where I definitely can’t write is my own apartment, so I have an office in a co-op with cartoonists, researchers, charities etc that I go to. This also forces me to put on trousers every day which is a good idea in general.

(ED. this the second non-photo interview… I might start issuing penalties…)

 Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

 In the shower in the morning, or at least that’s where they make themselves known. I like to think of my brain like a PA who is reporting back what my subconscious has been working on over-night while I’ve been out of the office. (Note: not normally acceptable workplace practice to have your PA in the shower with you.)

 What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read it?

 I’m technically in what you’d call the pre-production phase of the third and final part of my Dublin trilogy. I spent ten minutes in bed last night explaining what was going to happen to the wife so I’m pretty sure it might be time to go into the production phase. 


I will be reviewing Angels in the MoonLight, once I’ve finished laughing – it arrived the same week as my birthday and school starting so my reading time has been a bit curtailed. It’s is BRILLIANT, but until I have that last chapter read I don’t want to put the review up… 


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