Guest Post – Liz Hinds, Author

Guest Post – Liz Hinds, Author

How a middle-aged Welsh woman found herself ghost-writing the autobiography of a NY cop is a story in itself – but for another day. For now I’ll just say that getting it published by Hodder was a doddle and A Cop for Christ is still available.

But fast forward to my first attempt at novel writing. Buoyed up by the ease with which my non-fiction was published I sent off the manuscript, sat back and dreamed of how it would look in a film with the now sadly deceased Alan Rickman as the hero.

Years and loads of rejections later I finally self-published This Time Next Year.

I’ve since written three more novels, which are sitting on my computer unread and unloved – except by me. Only one thing for it: self-publish and be damned.

The Dog-walking Club came out late last year. I plan to publish the other two and I’ve begun work on a sequel to my first. Meanwhile I’m trying to build my online presence, which I’m told is essential in self promotion and marketing. Which would be all well and good if I understood more than half the words in the how-to articles…

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