Guest Post from Martin Ferguson

Guest Post from Martin Ferguson

 Martin shares with us the process of writing a series – and how things can change while you write! 

Where the series began:

‘Eagle of the Empire’ began it all. It started as a story for children but I quickly realised it was far bigger and had far more potential as a young adult series. I wanted to write something about treasure hunters, traveling the world to investigate myths and legends. Something else stuck in my mind though, the thought that the history behind the relic was never told. The idea then struck me for a book which was really two stories – the modern treasure hunt and the historical fantasy entwined. Hence, the Relic Hunters series was born.

I rewrote ‘Eagle of the Empire’ from scratch and I haven’t looked back since, with its release in 2016 followed by Curse of the Sands in 2017 and War of the Damned in 2018.


Relic Hunters, Book Three: War of the Damned:

 War of the Damned is the third entry in the Relic Hunters series. On the coast of Scotland, an intact German U-Boat from the Second World War has been recovered. Adam Hunter and the British Museum are dispatched to investigate and on board they discover two items of interest; a gold bar belonging to the fabled missing Nazi Gold Trains and the body of a British soldier of the Suffolk Regiment.

With these two clues, Adam, his brother Matt and his teammates Emma, Dave and Abbey set out in search of the Gold Trains. Their journey will take them to Poland, Berlin and to places not even recorded on maps where they will face an evil unlike any they have encountered before. But the Hunters are not the only ones in search of the Gold Trains. Spectres from the team’s past will return to haunt them and stop at nothing to claim the riches of a dozen nations.

Adam Hunter and the British Museum must find the Gold Trains first, but in doing so they may just awaken a terrible force that has waited decades to be released.

Entwined with this story is that of Private Andrew Cooper of the Suffolk Regiment. Through his eyes we are shown the true heroism and horror of the Second World War – from the Dunkirk evacuation all the way to entering Germany in the final days of the Third Reich. There he will discover that there is an evil far worse than the Germans he has been fighting.


Why focus the book on the Suffolk Regiment:

I grew up and now currently live in Norwich, Norfolk and originally planned to have the Norfolk Regiment in my story. However, the campaign they marched and the places they fought did not quite match up with where I wanted the story to go.

The Suffolk Regiment matched up perfectly. Their story takes them from the evacuation and miracle of Dunkirk, to the Normandy Landings where they captured a fortress on D-Day, to a battle which became known as the ‘bloodiest square mile’ of the war. I researched the regiment at the Suffolk Regimental Museum and discovered more about the fascinating stories of these real-life heroes – stories that have barely been told. I hope that I have captured even a small glimpse of their heroism.


Future – Is there more to come from the Relic Hunters:

Absolutely – there are at least two more entries in the current series arc to come. After that…let’s just say I have plans! In fact, there are some very clear hints regarding where the series will go next in the final chapters of War of the Damned. Let’s just say it involves a certain Romanian Prince…


The third book in the Young Adult adventure series Relic Hunters is out now! Blending modern treasure hunting with historical adventures, the Relic Hunters series shows that history has never been so dangerous. They have tracked down mythical and powerful supernatural artefacts and survived deadly curses, but nothing will prepare Adam Hunter and his team what comes next…

When a World War II submarine is mysteriously discovered off the coast of Scotland, Adam Hunter and the secret team from the British Museum are sent to investigate. Only, they’re not the only ones captivated by the curious items discovered inside and the Hunter brothers and their team mates are forced to fight their way across Europe in the footsteps of millions of young British soldiers who went before them. As legends and stories come to life, the team discover the terrifying truth of Hitler’s gold lust. In this third instalment of The Relic Hunters, readers are guaranteed a totally immersive historical experience.

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