Guest post from Jayne Davis

Guest post from Jayne Davis

This is a beautifully short but oh so sweet musing on the delicate balance of historical research…

How not to write Historicals set in Britain

This post isn’t about spellings such as colour instead of color, but about using words that are just not used in Britain – not now, and not in the Regency Period, which is when my stories are set.

These are things that make me want to throw my kindle at the wall. If the story is good enough, I can overlook some, but often it is a sign of poor research, and the author has quite often got things like the laws of inheritance wrong as well.

Here is an example of how not to do it:

 Chelsea Chloe walked up through the woods, looking up as a chipmunk squirrel dashed along a branch. The sound of hummingbirds robins filled the air. Eventually she came to the path where the woodland gave way to sand-dunes with the ocean sea glittering beyond.

This had been her favourite place to come since she got the news that her cousin Chuck Charles had passed died, and been buried at sea. It was hard to mourn when there had been no casket coffin to follow to the churchyard. He had a passel large group of friends, so the memorial service had been well attended. It was a sad occasion, for he had been but two and twenty. Her little sister, only six and ten sixteen, had taken his death hard.

She sat for a while, then returned, keeping an eye out for gopher rabbit holes as the dusk gathered. It would not do to sprain her ankle. As she crossed the front yard garden, she could see the butler stood on the stoop front porch watching for her return. Dear Bennington, he was always so anxious when she wandered the grounds alone.

It was Christmas Day tomorrow, and many of her cousin’s friends had gathered for the holidays festive season. Her friend Kaylee Katherine awaited her in the parlour, and scooted slid along the sofa to make room for her. Chloe visited with chatted to Katherine for a while. She had gotten got a little warm from walking, so she soon exited left the room and climbed the stairs to the second first floor to dress for dinner. Sitting at her vanity dressing table, she watched in the mirror as her maid created an elaborate up-do hair arrangement.

Jayne Davis

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