Going Through the Change – Menopausal SuperHero Book 1

Going Through the Change – Menopausal SuperHero Book 1

I have to admit to being somewhat nervous about reading this book! It didn’t seem the sort of thing that I would like, and certainly not something I would ordinarily read – but that’s the real beauty of reviewing, I get to widen my horizons in so many wonderful directions and meet amazing authors with the most creative minds!

It’s a truly creative and fun book, the story centres around several women who gain new ‘skills’ of a remarkable nature, but can’t figure out why or how these new powers have developed. They do not appear to have anything in common, but as the story continues small snippets of their lives start to cross over, and soon a single scientist brings the group together. The story has lots of great human interactions, engaging characters and I can’t wait to read Book 2 (I’m a a bit behind as Book 3 is out this week!!). Despite the outlandish changes the women go through, their inner ‘beings’ are totally relatable and their struggles are very real. It’s a crazy comical story but somehow I was still swept along and enjoyed every minute of it. I have no idea what genre to put it in, but have gone with fantasy and sci fi… 

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