Exit Signs

Exit Signs

Book Review

Exit Signs by Patrice Locke

I so enjoyed reading this! I was a bit nervous as Romance isn’t really my thing, but I loved the humour and the pace of the book – and actually really liked the characters as well. I hoped for the happy ending, but it wasn’t a foregone conclusion and that was a pleasant change.

There are lots of interesting characters, and they are more connected than first appears, this is all part of the beautifully crafted story. It made a refreshing change from many romance novels, with a good dollop of funny situations and not too much schmaltz.

I have even tried to vary my snack habits, inspired by the book. I would certainly encourage people to read it, the style of writing and the intertwining storylines are a real pleasure.

Check out our Author Interview with Patrice for information about her new book due out soon x

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