Evaluating Time!

Evaluating Time!

Sorry not to have posted for so very long, there was a holiday in there and some time dedicated to the whole Average family taking turns to have a virus; I’ve been evaluating a million things in my head, but no time for typing. I’m now on a mission to get it all out of my head, so be prepared for a flurry of typing time made possible by the magic of a Bank Holiday Weekend and Mr Average here to kiddywrangle.

Time is seems is the most elastic of things, you can measure it by a clock but in our house they all say a different time so are quite unreliable, you can measure it by changes; some seem very fast – the Average Babies starting school seems to have happened extraordinarily quickly, but then some things take such a long time to come around, like the recent sunshine which I feel I’ve been waiting for since last September. You can measure it by events, we have some lovely annual things we always look forward to and they are all waiting for us on the calendar.

What I never seem to have is quite enough time at the ‘right’ time, but I’m working on just enjoying and appreciating what is going on now and not always trying to anticipate the next thing, or wishing away until something else starts. Sometimes the very average day is actually great for just being average, we don’t need to conquer Everest or have a significant event everyday of the week. People often strive to have a ‘perfect’ day, and the media also talk about this all the time via adverts and stories, but there is no such thing. A perfect day might just be that we got to the end of it with all our limbs attached, or that we were together, or that Average Baby 2 found a ladybird and was totally transfixed by it and then spent the afternoon making it a new house out of shoe box.


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