Dyson Disappointment

Dyson Disappointment

I’m not one to complain much… but this is a rant…  After nearly 18 years of loyal service our beloved Dyson Animal finally had to be put to sleep, the last straw was being used to clean up after our extension work – we have all been feeling the pain from the whole experience, but Dyson suffered particularly at their hands.

So, it was with some excitement that we looked at all the options for a new one – a shiny one with gadgets and a recoiling wire was chosen as it appeared to meet all our pet hair/storage/bad back needs. They are not cheap, and after the aforementioned extension we are trying not to over spend… but on our last experience 18 years makes it a pretty good deal all in all.

HOWEVER – there are so many annoying things about our new vacuum it’s turned into an object of great frustration. The most annoying thing is that it doesn’t reach the top of the stairs – I could be doing something wrong, but I feel competent and experienced enough to have worked it out by now, it just doesn’t. It also has the smallest joint between the suction and the ‘bin’ which is blocked by almost everything and requires the entire machine to be stripped down to clean it out. In a house with a dog and three kids, this means it is permanently blocked by something and because of the bad back, can only be sorted by Mr A – making it virtually impossible to vacuum.

Disappointment is a strange thing, luckily it’s not something I’m exposed to very much. It can take joy from everything it touches, and make you feel a fool. Such high hopes have been dashed, but too much money has been spent for a replacement… so the battle continues 🙁

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