Drew Neary & Ceri Williams

Drew Neary & Ceri Williams

Hello, lovely to meet you. We are Drew Neary and Ceri Williams. Our book contains a range of genres –fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi and gothic horror. Most people however describe it as a supernatural thriller.

As the first in an upcoming series of supernatural books, the Clockmaker is the story of Annette and her young son Duncan. Widowed in World War 2, they face a completely different life as they exchange the devastation of post-blitz London for the slow pace of a small village in Scotland.
The house they have inherited is old, its bones still settling, creaking noises in the dead of night and the murmur of scritch-scritch in the walls. Located outside the village of Lochnagar, it’s been empty for many years.

It is here in this village that a series of strange events begins to unfold.
How the Clockmaker makes his plans, his meticulous preparations and macabre creations, builds up to a series of gruesome, horrific murders. These have just one end in view: his release from that which has held him captive for centuries.

The Clockmaker originated as a character in the much larger prequel novel – Optics. We were writing a chapter in the book that occurs during WW2. Drew went into the garden and he was looking at a tree and deciding whether he was going to prune it. His children were buzzing around the garden, and the idea for the Clockmaker and his constructs popped into his head. And a couple of years later we have the novel and he still hasn’t pruned the tree. And the Clockmaker is now a major part of our book series.
When planning the writing of this novel, we wanted the setting to be somewhere special. We visit Scotland a lot and chose the Balmoral area for it’s beautiful geography that lends itself to the dramatic scenes we had planned. We see Scotland as a land steeped with myth and mystery that dates back to the time of the Romans and beyond. We loved the feel of ancient power resting in the Dolmans, waiting to be released.

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