Dangerous Cargo Book Tour 25th March 2017

Dangerous Cargo Book Tour 25th March 2017

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Dangerous Cargo by J M Shorney


There is just something for everyone here – a mystery to solve, a bit of sex (but not too much!), intrigue, thrills, danger, shooting, gangsters and undercover shenanigans. The story is part of a series, and although I was aware of that, it didn’t affect the enjoyment or understanding of Dangerous Cargo. I do now feel the urge to start the series with book one, to find out what other situations Aidan has managed to get himself into – he’s a likeable rouge.

In this story he has no option but to go undercover and discover the reason his old colleague was shot in the street, right in front of him. As a genuine ex-con he has all the right credentials to infiltrate a crime family and reveal their secrets – some of which are most unexpected.

The book is just the right length, and has a good pace. The characters are easy to imagine and there are enough to keep the story detailed but not confusing. There are a few moments where it feels a little contrived, but I like it even more for that, it was everything a crime drama should be without the need for excessively graphic violence (although a lot of people do get killed…).

This would make a good holiday read, and you could even work your way through the whole series, as I have a feeling they are a bit addictive. If you like things a little darker, you can try J.M Shorney’s gothic horror  Night of All Evil.

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