Congratuations to Rosemary Noble…

Congratuations to Rosemary Noble…

Author Interview

Hello! Rosemary Noble x

5 Questions to Know You Better…

Perhaps most important – tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?


Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite?

Jane in The Digger’s Daughter – she was described to me as ‘terrifying’ so I had to find her vulnerabilities, retain her toughness but also make her sympathetic

Do you have a particular place where you write –  can you show us a picture? 

I just like to be comfy


Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

Family history – putting meat on the bones of bare facts. I try to place the facts I gather into context – what was going on at the time, how did that affect them, how did they react and a story appears.

What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read it?

I am taking a break during the summer. Maybe I will write a short novella – a freebie by Autumn 2017. I will then will begin on the 3rd book in the Currency Girls Series. I guess that won’t be ready until late 2018. I want to take another trip to Australia to get me in the mood; to feel the heat, listen to the birdsong (it’s so different) to see the colours (red earth, yellow grass, olive green gum trees, white /grey bark). It’s making me long to be there.

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