Welcome to the second in our new feature – a Business Book of the Month. For November, I read and thoroughly enjoyed…

Successful Business Minds by Helen Monaghan

I really found this book helpful on a number of levels; instead of a standard ‘good business principles’ book which re-covers the same old information, it is a very useful insight into our relationships with money and the resulting impact this will have on your decision making and how you rate your success.

It appears to be a fairly short book, but the font size is small and so there is so much more information in the book than I first realised. There are also great ‘takeaway’ notes at the end of each chapter, to help you to focus on what the main points were and to reflect on the material further. This is a very practical book, there are several worksheets to complete and for it to be used to have real impact on your business you would need to spend some time working through the practical and more thoughtful aspects of the chapters.

I was surprised by how many aspects of our thinking processes were covered in the book, as well as time management and more traditional skills. Having taught a number of similar courses I thought the quality of the information and how it was written was very good. Far more than just a business book – Successful Business Minds helps you to really dig deep and build your business from a base of strong values and self knowledge, it’s a great book for those playing the long game to build a great business they love.

To find out more about Helen, take a look at her website 

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