Books for Babies

Books for Babies


Babies really love looking at books (well my four have…) and if you start young you can instil a real love of books and learning which will stand them in good stead for the future. The charity BookStart give children free books, usually via your Health Visitor at 6-12 months and 3-4 years, you can also collect these from your local library – the best source of free books for all ages!

If you are looking to buy or borrow books, good general choices might include the That’s Not My… series from Usborne Books. These cover the most amazing range of animals and other things children love, and make great gifts for newborns too.

You can’t go too wrong if you start the Mr Men or Little Miss collection for a child, and add to it at various times, again it can be fun to pick a characteristic that matches them in some way – or you can buy the whole box sets if you have no patience x. Other sure fire hits are books with textures (I would avoid flaps until age 2+), finger puppets, favourite characters they know, nursery rhymes, action books – things you find funny.

One thing to consider is that children will put everything in their mouth, so books that can be washed are often a good idea, and there are amazing books that are printed on paper which can be scrunched and chewed without being damaged, you can have a search online for ‘indestructables’ .  

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