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You may have seen my review of the excellent Mistress at Pennigtons book by Rachel Brimble – if not you can catch it here…  

Well the great news is there is a sequel, which is just as excellent with some questions answered, more asked and a lot of powerful women – which of course I loved.

We are lucky to have an extract here as part of the Book Tour with Aria Fiction, I hope it whets your appetite and you grab a copy x

Although he never came to love her as he’d hoped, Abigail had been a wonderful mother, beautiful, both inside and out, and Rose grew more and more like her every year. Intelligent and caring, his wife had taken interest in their staff, both in and out of their home, as well as being an active charity worker and support to Lawrence in his work. Theirs might not have been a love connection, but there was every possibility their lives would have gone along well enough had Abigail not died. Her death had ripped through the heart of their family life and Lawrence counted himself immensely lucky they had such dedicated and loyal staff that he’d been able to rely on to help raise the children these past four years.

The experience of their marriage and Abigail’s horrible and wasteful death had diluted any serious intention Lawrence had towards women ever since. Except he couldn’t completely eradicate his belief that his children deserved and relied on him to find a new mother for them one day. A mother he loved. Someone else to unconditionally love them. The closest Rose and Nathanial had to a mother figure came in the form of their nanny, Helen, who adored everything about them… cared for them as if the children were her own. But that was where her service ended.

Lawrence’s relationship with Helen, his butler, Charles, and Mrs Jackson the cook was one of employer and employees. Nothing more, nothing less. They were a team who silently looked out for each other and worked together for the good of the children. When Lawrence would actively begin to seek a woman to take Abigail’s place as his wife and the children’s mother was anyone’s guess. Including his own. Burying his melancholy, Lawrence rode the lift with Rose and Nathanial, smiling at the young male attendant, who they learned was named Henry. The young man’s kind face and wide smile had quickly won them over, especially when he’d allowed Rose and Nathanial to take turns pressing the buttons as people entered and alighted the extravagant gold and red velveted lift.

They stopped on the third floor and Lawrence took Rose and Nathanial’s hands again as they stepped out. ‘Thank you, Henry. These two will want to come back again tomorrow after your generosity.’

‘Not a problem, sir. Enjoy your day, children.’

The lift doors had barely brushed closed before Rose and Nathanial whipped their hands from Lawrence’s and raced along the carpeted landing towards the marble pillars outside Pennington’s toy department. Lawrence followed them and scanned the space for a glimpse of the woman who’d accosted him outside.

Shelves and tables were fit to bursting with every conceivable distraction for children from the very young to early adolescence.

What was he doing here? Why was he even remotely concerned about speaking with such an audacious female? Well, for one, her eyes were the brightest, prettiest shade of hazel he’d ever seen, her hair thick and blonde, pinned beneath a hat she wore with panache and style. Then there was her mouth. Bowed-lipped and painted the softest pink. And finally, the passion in her tone, the lift of her determined chin and the challenge in her gaze.

Everything about her had aroused his interest.

Lawrence pulled back his shoulders. And he would prove to her that he was equally au fait with the rights of males and females as she appeared to be and then depart the store with his pride intact. Not give her another thought. Why should he leave her to her clearly mistaken assumptions about him? He had every right to defend himself and set the record straight.

He looked around the department again, an unnerving disappointment she was nowhere to be seen nagging him. Rubbing his hand over the back of his neck, Lawrence slowly strolled around, his gaze flitting back and forth to Rose and Nathanial as they picked up and replaced toy after toy. A few months ago, nothing had looked quite as spectacular in Pennington’s as it did nowadays. Rumours and gossip had indicated a change in management this past year was responsible for the renewed, more jovial atmosphere and Lawrence couldn’t help but acknowledge the improvements were all for the better.

‘Daddy, Daddy!’

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So you know you want to know more about this woman – I promise she is worth reading about x

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