Book Review

Book Review

The 12 Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti

Mmm, what I love about reading is the amazing variety out there, and my favourite thing about reviewing is that I get to go out of my normal range and experiment with new genres and authors. This book is a challenge to review as it’s not something I would normally have read, and I can’t honestly use the word enjoy… but I’m also really glad I did read it, and the story has lingered with me for several days. The book is the life story of Samuel Hawley – it’s not a happy tale. The chapters alternate between his current life – largely told through his daughter Loo, and the story of his life to that point, slowly revealing the encounters and situations that have brought them to this place, at this time. The story has a brooding quality, and you sense early on that there will be no happy endings. It’s also a coming of age story for Loo, who begins to understand her own beginnings and make her own choices about how to live her adult life. The book is really beautifully written, the characters are completely identifiable and the descriptions of places and people are thoroughly engaging. Samuel is a simple man, life hasn’t dealt him a great hand, but when he falls in love he makes a series of decisions that are intended to keep his family safe… The ending is somewhat disappointing for someone who likes clear cut finishes, it leaves many things to the imagination of the reader, which I guess means you can give them a happy ending or not!

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