Book Review – Traumata by Douglas Renwick

Book Review – Traumata by Douglas Renwick

For someone with a background in military history and mental health, who has also been a military wife and is currently a grieving mum it’s a little odd to be offered a book to read that has elements of all these themes. I’d be lying if I said there were times when I had to take a break from reading as the powerful story line was a little hard going. However, despite the challenging topic, the compelling situation that Melanie finds herself in, and as her story is slowly and carefully shared made me read on. It’s one of those books where you HAVE to know what happens, and you gasp with each twist and turn that is revealed to you.

Renwick has managed to create an extreme situation, unimaginable by most people and yet tell it in a way that is entirely relatable and human. His descriptions of Afghanistan and military life are entirely real and although the story if fiction it sadly isn’t so fantastic that you aren’t pulled along as if it were a news report.

I’m often nervous of men writing a central female character, but I really liked Melanie and found her believable, I saw lots in her experience that rang true. This is an unusual book, it has intense family relationships as well as a court room drama and military themes too – it is challenging and uncomfortable and yet easy to read – give it a try and you won’t regret it.

Renwick has written other novels based on his own experiences in ‘Government Service’ all of which I’ve just added to my TBR pile!

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