Book Review – The Niggle by Peta Rainford

Book Review – The Niggle by Peta Rainford

We always love reviewing children’s books as reading at bedtime to four children can get very repetitive! The Niggle is a lovely story about confidence, danger, our inner voices and how to manage life – all in a children’s story! Our four year old was a bit scared of the Niggle character, but the others all enjoyed his funky illustrations. The story follows Joe Jackson – a boy without any fear of anything… until one day he has a very scary accident and The Niggle arrives.

We were all so pleased when The Niggle met his match, and the story prompted some great discussions about how to measure danger, how children and adults often think differently about safety and Joe’s experiences were very identifiable to all of us. I would recommend this book if you have  daredevil in the family! We have read it more than once the gentle rhyming is easy on the ear, and it’s still enjoyable even when you know the ending – the sign of a good book.

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