Book Review – Princess Stay Awake

Book Review – Princess Stay Awake

We’ve come to love Giles Paley-Phillips offerings, the characters are a bit more edgy than some picture books, and the stories a have a bit more ‘bite’ than others…

Princess Stay Awake is the tale of desperate parents attempting to get their toddler to go to bed… proving even Kings and Queens with all their resources can’t magic ways to a good sleep routine – having tried jesters, Sir Runsalot and even Wizard Wilf they are left with no option but to call in Grandma!

This is a great story for talking about why sleep is important, and also a lovely gift for a grandparent – or for them to read at bedtime and be the ‘hero’. The rhyme is very gentle and easy for the reader, the illustrations are great fun with lots of additional information to point out (we counted all the rabbits) to make the book good for more that one read.

It’s become a firm favourite in our house x

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