Average is Good.

Average is Good.

Some people have politely asked about the name for my blog – so I thought I should explain…

I’m wonderfully average, always have been. I was average at school, college and have always been a version of ‘good’ in the many years of work appraisals. I’m average height, slightly over average weight *ahem* and have a super average family, for a while there when I was pregnant last year I actually had 2.5 children. But average is good, I have excelled at it – and finally feel that I’m coming to terms with being average as a positive thing. My formative years and schooling were spent encouraging greatness, that at any moment something amazing would be done or achieved and I was often disappointed with my own exploits as they were never quite worthy of a round of applause. I also compared myself to others a lot – and I was never quite as pretty, clever, talented, slim, etc etc. 

it’s now that I’m a bit more mature I can appreciate the value of things like being happy, content, at peace and that constant striving to impress others is a great loss of energy and time – and most importantly I’m unlikely to ever reach the ‘top’. So, I’m learning to use my ‘inner compass’ and just impress myself… here goes! 

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  1. Claire, average is something you are not! You are an amazing wonderful loyal friend and we are very pleased to say we have you in our life. You are an amazing Mum who just seems to cope with anything and everything thrown in your direction, so average is not a word I would use to describe you. Calm, chilled out, relaxed and generally wonderful might be more suitable. Love The Walkers xx

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