Author Interview with Theodore Brun

Author Interview with Theodore Brun


5 Questions to Know You Better…

Perhaps most important – tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?


One cup of tea at crack of dawn. After that, gallons and gallons of coffee. I try to stop when I realise I’m shaking!

Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite?


About five leap to mind – but if I had to pick one, it has to be Kai. The world of 8th century Scandinavia can get a bit serious at times so I love having Kai around to poke a bit of fun at it all and call out the ridiculous.


Do you have a particular place where you write –  can you show us a picture?

I work in a couple of places. On a small (but perfectly formed) desk in our flat in London – in a study currently shared with my baby daughter’s cot. When I have to get out of the house, I write and research in a hidden away nook in the London Library on St James’ Square, surrounded by the smell of old books. (Very important!)

ED – That looks just like my favourite place – Bromley House Library… mouldy books are sad but also awesome!


Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?


Often, little puzzles in the plot have been solved while out running in either Battersea Park or along the River Thames. I find the combination of music and movement seems to shuffle the deck in my brain, which occasionally produces an ace. I also have a dog who needs walking, so I spend many hours outside in the twilight of dawn or dusk, letting the mind wander. Inspiration, though, has come from many sources: my background, personal experience, opera, YouTube, dreams, my degree, other novels, and of course the source material of the Norse world itself, both archaeological and literary.


What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read it?


I have just signed off A Sacred Storm – the sequel to A Mighty Dawn – which is published in June. Everyone who has read it says it’s even better than A Mighty Dawn so I’m excited to see it out there. In the new year, I begin work on the third book in the Wanderer Chronicles, which at the moment I’m calling A Burning Sea. All being well, that will be out in 2019.



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