Author Interview with RC Ajuonuma

Author Interview with RC Ajuonuma

5 Questions to Know You Better…

Perhaps most important – tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?

It’s got to be hot chocolate.

Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite?

I like the Magician. He’s one of the minor characters in King Billy and the Royal Road, but turns up at crucial points in the story. There’s something mercurial about him, something that can’t quite be pinned down, and I find that incredibly interesting.

Do you have a particular place where you write – can you show us a picture?

I work in my study AKA box room, but strictly no pictures!

(ED – well that’s not playing fair!?)

Where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

I wrote King Billy and the Royal Road just after my son was born. It is my take on how a child emerges from the embrace of a parent to find their own place in the world. The structure of the story is based on the Fool’s journey of the Tarot. I think the Tarot is the basis of all stories.

What are you working on currently, and when can we expect to read it?

I’m currently mulling a sort of a sequel to King Billy and the Royal Road, which tells the tale of the Magician character. It’s early days yet, but when it’s ready, you’ll be the first to know!

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