Angela Rigley

Angela Rigley

I’m so delighted to introduce you to a writer local to me, Angela Rigley in fact you can see my interview with her here which is a more in depth discussion about her inspirations and how she works.

If first read one of Angela’s children’s books, and then discovered my personal favourite Florence and the Highwayman. I only picked it as I have a daughter called Florence, but it’s a really wonderful adventure with humour and careful period research. But over to Angela, without doubt the most prolific author I have met so far!

The Jamie Series

I’ve dabbled with writing since I was at school but never finished anything, then over twenty years ago I started Looking for Jamie in an old exercise book, inspired by Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian. After scribbling out words and drawing arrows everywhere I became bored with it then, when I retired, I joined a writers’ group and they gave me the encouragement to continue.

Eleven years later I have ten published novels and twelve children’s picture books to my name, as well as two books of silly poems.  

I love editing. In fact, you could almost call it an obsession.

In The Peacock Bottle there are two stories, set over fifty years apart, and I had to make sure I used the correct characters for each timeline. Even though I kept lists of each family’s names, it was not until my fifth edit that I realised one of the servants had crossed over to the other story. I’m sure she would have felt out of place in the wrong time, and with people she would not know, but she did not say a word, did not let me know. Luckily I found her and moved her back to her own era before the final edit. 

You can follow Angela on Facebook, or via her other social media, many of her books are available on Kindle Unlimited or you can search using the links at the bottom of this page – every time someone pays for ANYTHING on the big A using this link we receive a small commission, so thank you.

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