5 Books for Halloween

5 Books for Halloween

We try not to over do Halloween as we not really ‘into’ it, and with smaller kids it can be quite scary and I have no idea what the message is supposed to be. We focus on having fun foods and sharing out sweets to any Trick or Treaters. We also love to carve pumpkins… Here are a few books we have particularly enjoyed.


Winnie the Witch is a sure fire hit at any time of year and to be honest, she’s a witch so you could read any of them and be on theme, this collection has four separate stories, and is good for children that are able to read on their own (we also have the picture books which are much more visual, and better for a mixed age group). The four stories are all up to the same fun standard, with a few extra ghosts.

Splat the Cat is also a firm favourite in our house, and this book has flaps to lift which was especially exciting! There are lots of potentially scary things going on in the creepy old house, but don’t worry they all turn out to be quite harmless. However, Seymour the mouse is missing, maybe he is scaring all his friends? It’s a actually a good way to talk about being scared and how we deal with that, and if it’s funny to make people frightened – we had a long discussion about this and I was surprised by what the kids talked about.

We have recently bought the Usborne Very First Reading box set (going cheap at The Book People). They have been a really great, the first few are for adults and kids to read together, with different sized fonts so that it’s clear who does what – A Fright in the Night is one of these, and was very popular. A lovely vet is called to Dracula’s castle to take care of some of his more unusual pets, she helps them all and then runs when she notices Dracula’s teeth. It’s very silly, has great illustrations and doesn’t actually mention anything about vampires etc; so you can handle that how you wish. All the books have fun games and ideas for further learning at the back which we love.

To be honest The Best Halloween Hunt Ever isn’t a reading book, but we really love it! It’s a search and find book, with a few mazes too, for a small book it provides hours of entertainment for quite a big age range as everyone can find something. Even the smallest baby A enjoys searching for the larger items. The answers are in the back, and we did struggle to get everything, but that’s good as it means you can use the book more than once. As we keep these books in our Halloween box, the kids forget year on year and so it’s proved a good buy.

Last but never least is our ongoing love affair with the Mr Men. We have all of the books, both old and new and they continue to delight. Mr Tickle and the Scary Halloween is a great seasonal offering; the dark cover is enough to cause excitement, but as there is a Little Miss Scary too you can imagine the chaos she might cause at Halloween, luckily Mr Tickle finds a good way to deal with her, and peace is restored.

Hope that was helpful…

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  1. I am so happy to have read your post, it was such an amazing read, one which I enjoyed very much! I have had time to check out your blog and I have to say I loved it! So keep writing so I can keep looking forward to reading your work! (:
    My children would love these books also!

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